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New Generic Robot Platform

by Life Member Treasurer on October 29, 2019 Comments Off on New Generic Robot Platform

Introducing the Generic Robot Platform

The revolutionary design of this robotic platform with a load-carrying capacity around 8Kg, unrestricted movement in two dimensions, excellent traction plus other innovative features, and priced under $4,000, makes it an exciting commercial proposition.

Listed below are some of the key elements of the design specification…

  • Four-wheel-drive – Good traction
  • Complete freedom to move unrestricted in two dimensions
  • Reasonable load-carrying capacity
  • Battery-life around two hours for normal workload
  • Remote control range up to a kilometer
  • Interchangeable XBee communication-modules to suit various requirements
  • Off-the-shelf controller, or one specifically designed for Crab-Bot
  • Compact design with low profile
  • Simple method of attachment for third-party add-on modules
  • Core electronics are Arduino based, and driven by popular open-source software
  • Easy maintenance and ready availability of replacement parts
  • Simple assembly – potential to sell to educational institutions in kit form


Life Member TreasurerNew Generic Robot Platform