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Pump Defenda fire protection for firefighting pumps

by Life Member Treasurer on April 11, 2014 Comments Off on Pump Defenda fire protection for firefighting pumps

Pump Defenda™ is a dedicated sprinkler arrangement custom designed for fire-fighting pumps. Designed and manufactured in Australia to help save both lives and property.

2013 Winner of Inventor of the Year – IAA(Vic)

Overall winner Sheepvention 2013

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Benefits of Pump Defenda

  • Creates a Safer, Cooler ‘Wet Zone’
  • pumpdefenda_SprayHelping protect the pump and adjacent assets from flame attack, ember attack, radiant heat melt-down and fuel vapourisation
  • Engine runs at a cooler, safer, more consistent operating temperature
  • Superior air supply, lower temperature and easier access compared to building the pump into a box or a pit
  • Far safer to re-fuel over wet ground in an emergency
  • Fuel container can be stored and be more protected adjacent to the pump
  • Impeller seals are now far less likely to overheat when hoses are charged with nozzle/s closed
  • Potential to be a last resort personal refuge after all else fails (not to be relied on – last resort only!)
  • Helps prevent eg. transfer or quick-fill pumps from actually starting fires eg. due to escaping exhaust sparks or windblown fuel contacting exhaust pipe
  • Environmentally sustainable – use will help to save lives and will help to save property.

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Features of Pump Defenda

  • Ultra low water consumption, (approx. 60-90lph, at WOT)
  • Easy adjustment of flow volume and wet zone, even with gloved hands (2.8 – 4.0m diam.)
  • Light and flexible riser won’t crack manifolds or impellor housings, resists hose hook-up and accidental knocks
  • Rated to 1000kPa/10bar. For all FF pumps including twin impellor models.
  • Crucial stainless steel filter resists sand, grit and organic matter
  • Takes less than two minutes to install
  • ‘Store On-Board” feature for storage or day-to-day pumping operations (where there is no risk of your pump starting a fire)
  • Suits all pumps with a standard 1″ male delivery port
  • Designed for turbulent wind conditions
  • Simple, robust and inexpensive
  • Resilient materials, UV resistant
  • Full service with local support – fully Australian Owned Company

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Life Member TreasurerPump Defenda fire protection for firefighting pumps