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Motus Words Family Board Game

by Life Member Treasurer on September 24, 2012 Comments Off on Motus Words Family Board Game

Motus Words is an exciting family board game of strategy, where players use creative thinking to collect letters while travelling around the board, using the luck of the die.


The game is designed to be played by young and old, capable spellers and not so capable spellers. Its clever design makes for an even playing field, so everyone can enjoy this exciting game.

Motus Words is widely tried, tested and proven throughout Australian schools; teachers and students all agree that this thrilling, family board game is not only a world of fun but a fantastic way to improve student spelling capability.

Versatile Game Play

Motus Words can be played not only in small groups with a wide age difference, but can also be played as a junior or adult game, simply by arranging the initial game set up. As well as this, Motus Words is versatile enough to not only be played as individual against individual, but is also designed to be played as team verses team.

All combinations are great fun, and don’t detract from the benefits of this remarkable learning, strategy, board game.

NOT BORING…by a long shot!

The clever invention idea of Motus Words allows this family board game to be played in around 20 minutes. This creates short, exciting burst of game play, keeping both young and old players engaged for the duration of each game.

Games can be played in school classroom breaks, or during any recreation time, without long drawn out set time, or tedious trawling through game rules. It is simple, enjoyable, educational and loved by all ages.

Exciting Hardware

Motus has been designed with fun and learning in mind. To this end the playing board, playing pieces, and cards are cleverly colour-coded to teach young participants vowels and consonants. As well as all this, Motus is visually exciting and has a robust board layout.

Once in a lifetime is there a new board game created for the whole family to play. Yes Motus words is just that, a fun filled board game not only for the whole family to play but is also an educational board game.

Mums and dads will enjoy playing Motus with their children and see how this educational board game gives everyone some quality time together. This invention idea is the board game which takes fun to a new level when played in teams.

Motus words in motion is an educational tool in the form of a board game currently being used in primary schools with great success. Motus has been designed to be used in the classroom and at home as a confidence building exercise for students who have a literacy problem at the same time catering for those who have a large vocabulary. Motus Secret partner builds team work and strategy skills. There are three parts to any game first moving around the broad (in Motus case gathering letters) second the scoring and most important an third the lively discussion after each game developing communication skills. Game time approx 20 mins. The word MOTUS comes from Latin meaning “motion” an French MOTS meaning “Words” thus Motus words in Motion.


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Life Member TreasurerMotus Words Family Board Game