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Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Preemption

by Life Member Treasurer on July 15, 2016 Comments Off on Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Preemption

emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption Emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption

Emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption to control a single intersection

There are many existing emergency-vehicle, traffic-signal preemption control systems, but none that can control a single intersection autonomously activated by the vehicle without line-of-site sensitivity.

The EVTAC system can be installed for a few thousand dollars at any intersection without the need for considering traffic conditions, or expensive data studies, or centralized traffic control.

Single intersection control system for emergency vehicles

  • Controls traffic lights at each intersection as the emergency vehicle approaches
  • Is alerted by the approaching emergency vehicle transponder
  • No large studies of traffic flow required –- manages a single intersection
  • Simple and low cost to pilot or fully install at any given intersection
  • No large, expensive equipment
  • No complex traffic management software
  • No risk of malfunction by central software
  • Rapid deployment without massive data studies
  • Expansion of the system is fast, one intersection at a time
  • Can be added to like Lego, one piece at a time in any direction
  • Light weight for simple installation
  • Highly flexible control of the intersection
  • Not connected to the Internet or centralized control thereby increasing reliability

The process used in the EVTAC system is known as Traffic Signal Preemption, and involves the prioritization of traffic flow for designated vehicles.  Once an intersection has been configured, there is no requirement to connect with a central-server or the Internet — thus each intersection should be able to function autonomously.

The following video shows how traffic is managed and how the system is calibrated.

For enquiries see the EVTAC website

Life Member TreasurerEmergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Preemption