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Dust Shroud Edge Grinder

by Life Member Treasurer on September 24, 2012 Comments Off on Dust Shroud Edge Grinder

Situp Products’ edge grinder dust shrouds invention idea enable dustless edge grinding of floors and attach to an angle grinder as a hand tool.Shourd

Dust Shroud 175mm (7 in) on 9 in. angle grinder.

Any angle grinder can now become a dustless, concrete edge grinder with the addition of these dust shrouds. A diamond wheel is required to do the concrete grinding and a hose is connected to a dust collector from the dust shroud vacuum outlet to extract and collect the concrete dust.

The main invention idea of these dust shrouds is the patented semi-closed edging flats where the grinding wheel cuts through a small area of the skirt and the rest of the flat edging area is closed over eliminating the dust problem that other dust shrouds have while edging because they have a much larger edge opening.

Another important feature is the frictionless operation which gives operators greater control while using the edge grinder and reduces fatigue. Operators can work longer with these dust shrouds resulting in higher productivity and lower labour costs.

The replaceable skirt for the dust shrouds can be adjusted up or down for worn or new grinding wheels, or for more powerful or weaker vacuum systems to prevent suck-down without loss of airflow. Like larger concrete grinding machines the skirt is attached using hook and loop fixing and requires no tools to adjust or replace.

The body of these concrete floor, edge grinder dust shrouds is made from steel with a welded mounting collar which makes them a strong tool that can be firmly mounted on the angle grinder. They are provided with precision molded mounting inserts to fit perfectly to all the major brands.

Resellers have been especially pleased because these concrete floor, edge grinder dust shrouds will fit most grinders so the customer can choose whichever brand angle grinder he wants. The dust shrouds also allow easy fitting of all the major brands of diamond grinding wheels without special nuts and matched spacers due to their low profile design.

Situp Products wish to contact more distributors in Europe and USA. Contact Situp for enquiries about this invention idea.

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