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Investment and business opportunities

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Proven, fastest aircraft boarding system

Passengers pause briefly on the Flying Carpet on their way to the plane. Each group of about 15 to 20 passengers took about 45 seconds to form and move on.

With a couple of minor hold-ups it took about 10 minutes for 9 or 10 groups to reach the plan; all 171 passengers were seated 13 minutes after boarding commenced.


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Edited video of the first trial Video:


Baby stroller with shopping space

New baby stroller with clever storage for one week’s groceries and quick-change sand wheels for the beach. Stylish design, very practical for parents to store items as they walk the baby and enjoy shopping or a picnic. Has many times the storage capacity of normal strollers.

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Emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption to control a single intersection

There are many existing emergency-vehicle, traffic-signal preemption control systems, but none that can control a single intersection autonomously activated by the vehicle without line-of-site sensitivity.

The EVTAC system can be installed for a few thousand dollars at any intersection without the need for considering traffic conditions, or expensive data studies, or centralized traffic control.


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