IAA(Vic) Inventor of the Year competition

IAA(Vic) Inventor of the Year competition

View the video of 2014 Inventor of the Year Competition here

We encourage all members of IAA(Vic) to enter this Inventor of the Year competition which is judged mainly by your peers at the end of the year Christmas Party.

Inventor of the Year CompetitionThe first prize winner has his/her name engraved on our perpetual trophy and there is a small cash prize for all winners. Being able to claim that you are a finalist in this competition can be very good publicity for you and winning a prize is even better. Do not be shy, the president is very helpful and will guide you through the presentation if you require that.

To enter simply email the president or advise him at the next monthly  meeting and he will book you in. You have to present your invention (30-45mins) to the members at our monthly meeting to be able to enter and at the end of the year we vote on each display.

Your presentation at a monthly meeting is not part of the judging process, the way you present your product at the end of the year is most important and the approx. 70 guests are about 60% inventors and 40% partners and guests (who may not have seen your invention before).

The reasons for showing your invention at the monthly meeting are that we like to see someone’s inventive idea at each meeting and that it gives you confidence to show your invention to a potential purchaser. It is better to practice on us at a meeting than to practice on a very important investor or purchaser first.

What we like to hear when you present for the Inventor of the Year competition is to tell us a story of how you began this project, how your progressed, the difficulties you overcame, the research you have done and where you are at today.

What is important at the Christmas Party voting time is that you show your inventive steps and convey the usefulness of your idea so people can judge you on how well you have done. You will have one trestle table for your space and it helps to have literature, photos, very short videos or other information that can be read quickly by the attendees as they pass by to understand your invention’s benefits.

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