ATCS your R&D Tax Incentive Specialists

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ATCS proudly sponsors the IAA(Vic)

As proud sponsors of the IAA (Vic), we’re passionate about helping Australian companies and inventors access the Federal Government’s Research and Development (R&D) Tax Incentive. The program aims to encourage R&D in Australia where experimental activities are undertaken to generate new knowledge in the form of new or improved materials, products, devices, processes or services.

Whether you are running a start-up or a well-established business, you may be eligible to receive up to 43.5% of your R&D expenses back in cash.

For companies in a tax loss position, the R&D Tax Incentive offers an immediate cash rebate. For profitable companies, this can reduce the tax liability or even turn a small tax liability into a tax rebate.

Solely specialising in this Incentive for over fifteen years, we support clients in every industry sector across the continent. We cut through the complexity of preparing a claim and ensure that every eligible expense is captured to maximise your rebate. Each of our clients is allocated their own dedicated account manager who will manage the preparation and lodgement of your claim, and help to streamline the mandatory reporting requirements for your R&D activities.

To find out if your R&D project is eligible for this generous tax incentive, call us for an obligation free and confidential assessment. We look forward to working with you.

Phone:       1300 76 00 51, 8am – 8pm EST
E-mail:       terrie@atcs.info
Website:     http://www.rndtaxincentive.com.au/
Brochure:   R&D Tax Incentive: Federal Support for Research & Development

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PresidentATCS your R&D Tax Incentive Specialists

BusinessPlans.com.au 50% off services

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BusinessPlans.com.au proudly sponsors the IAA(Vic).

You will need business plans at some stage

Nigel Catt’s expertise can help inventors to become “investor ready”. Nigel understands the gap in communication between an inventor and an investor and is able to bridge that gap so that investment is available at the critical time when you are ready for production or expansion. Click the link below for information.

Nigel Catt business plans member benefits

Business Plans.com.au

215 Bell St.
Preston 3078 VIC AUSTRALIA
Tel: 1300 630 330
Mob: 0423 478 826
e-mail nigel@businessplans.com.au
web www.businessplans.com.au

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PresidentBusinessPlans.com.au 50% off services