Bendigo Inventor Awards

 Bendigo Inventor Awards

Bendigo inventor awards have been held each year and have presented many prizes to juniors and seniors. Originally conceived to celebrate the inventiveness of the Bendigo region and to sponsor industry in the area this is now open to entrants internationally. IAA(Vic) members have had many entries which is still good publicity even if no prize is won. We will update the links below as we are notified each year.

They are looking for the next exciting invention and innovative concept!

Over the last four years the Bendigo Inventor Awards has unearthed some amazing inventions and innovations.

These nationally recognised awards provide more than “fame and glory” for the winners. By being involved and applying you get access to a program of events designed to help, guide, support and mentor you on your inventor or innovator journey.

Open to anyone in the world, it’s the breadth of entrants’ experience and creative backgrounds that continues to make the Inventor Awards so unique. Engineers, students, scientists, technicians, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, companies – even backyard inventors and tinkerers – all compete on an even playing field.

From 2016 the awards have been run by Bendigo Business Council.

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