IAA(Vic) – Whitelaw Australian Inventors Competition

Australian Inventors Competition starting June 1st 2018  NOW CLOSED ENDED AUG 31 2018

This Australian Inventors Competition is funded by the Abergail – Whitelaw Foundation.

$4,000 for a senior prize and

$2,500 for a junior prize (under 25)

Run by the Inventors Association of Australia Victoria [IAA(Vic)] beginning June 1st 2018 and ending August 31st 2018. Awards will be given at our end-of-year evening function on December 5th 2018 in Melbourne.

It is open to all Australian citizens and permanent residents for the best invention. Entry is by electronic application form.

You will need to be a member and provide a valid member number which you can do at IAA(Vic)-Whitelaw membership link – cost $50. You must be a member to enter the competition.

View the competition and rules here.

A working prototype is important and it must be able to be demonstrated if required. The invention must not have been commercialised for more than 18 months before the date of entry.

We are proud to be able to conduct this Australian Inventors Competition and we urge all inventors to prepare their inventions immediately.

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Life Member TreasurerIAA(Vic) – Whitelaw Australian Inventors Competition